Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brad Imes Interview - Ready for the Texas Crazy Horse!

By: Pelagia Garcia

When Brad Imes returns to the Octagon on April 7, 2006, it will be a year and a day since he last stepped into the eight sided domain. A domain where he defied the odds and made it to the finals of the Ultimate Fighter season two reality show. His success was short lived and Imes lost his only two professional UFC bouts -- a split decision loss to Rashad Evans and a submission loss to Dan Christitson. But now Imes is trying to defy more odds when he takes on the Texas Crazy Horse at UFC 69: Shootout, live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Will this time be any different? Here is what Imes told ADCC News.

ADCC: Although you lost to Rashad Evans on the Ultimate Fighter finale in October of 2005, it was an exciting fight and you still did excellent throughout the show. What can you take from your experience on the show and do you get recognized on the street?
BRAD: Being on the show really catapulted me into the big time and gave me the opportunity to train in Iowa with MFS (Miletich Fighting Systems). The doors it opened for me was the greatest gift. I get recognized pretty regularly.

ADCC: When you return to the UFC on April 6, 2007, it will be a year since you stepped into the octagon. What exactly were your injuries and are you 100 % right now?
BRAD: I broke my elbow in my fight against Dan and then had to have a couple nasal surgeries to correct a deviated septum and remove a large tumor from my sinuses. I then suffered an injury to my leg in preparation for my fight in November. I feel pretty good now, I'll be ready on the 7th.

ADCC: With rehabbing and training, is there anything else that occupied your time during the year layoff?
BRAD: I did a lot of hunting and spent some time with my family. But, now I'm ready to get back in the octagon.

ADCC: How has training been and do you feel ring rust could be a factor in your upcoming fight?
BRAD: Training has been good. I've got incredible training partners in Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell. We do a good job of pushing each other and getting each other ready. I've fought twice in the last month in smaller shows to address the 'rust' problem and I don't feel it will be a factor.

ADCC: I didn’t know that. Please tells us about those fights and the outcomes?
BRAD: On January 27, 2007 I fought for the XFC Spirit in Lake Iowa against Greg Hammer. I won by triangle choke in round two. He was a big guy, about 6'10' and 290 lbs, and a good athlete. It was only his 4th fight, but he was tough. Hit me with a hard right in the second, but I submitted him when it went to the ground. The second fight was on February 17, for the CFC in Orlando, Florida against Chris Adams. I was able win by knock out with knee just 18 seconds into round one. Not a tough fight, but its always nice to be back in the ring and get used to the surroundings again.

ADCC: Your competition will take a huge step up when you face Heath Herring. What did you think of Herring’s last fight against Jake O’Brien?
BRAD: Heath didn't look like he was at his best and had a hard time defending Jake's takedowns. I expect to see a different Herring in April.

ADCC: Speaking of takedowns, is that something you think you can duplicate in your fight or will you challenge Herring on the feet?
BRAD: I feel confident in this fight wherever it takes place. I feel much more confident in all aspects of my game now compared to a year ago. Plus, the surgery on my nose has done wonders for my strength and cardio. I'm gonna pin my ears back and get after him.

ADCC: With an experienced fighter like Herring, what can a victory over him do for your career?
BRAD: It would put me right back in the mix. After a year away from the UFC, this is just what I need.

ADCC: What’s your prediction of the fight?
BRAD: As always it will be an exciting war.

ADCC: You’re fighting Herring in his hometown, you will be trying to notch your first UFC victory, and you’re coming back from injuries. How much pressure is on you to perform in this fight?
BRAD: I don't feel any pressure. I just go out and have fun and if it's my day to win, that's great. If not, the other fella will sure know he's been in a fight.

ADCC: Win or lose, what do you want to do after this fight?
BRAD: I plan on going turkey hunting down in Florida.

ADCC: Thanks for the time Brad and do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors?
BRAD: Thank you to Warrior Wear and MG Sports Supplements. Thanks to my fans for their support, it's always appreciated.

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