Friday, February 9, 2007

Brent Beauparlant: Telling It Like It Is

By Ben Fowlkes

Toronto Dragons’ middleweight Brent Beauparlant (4-3) has no gift for guile. Ask him a direct question, and you’re sure to get an honest answer.

If anything, Beauparlant, 35, may be too honest for his own good.

For instance, when I ask if he’s nervous in the weeks before his fight with the Wolfpack’s Matt Horwich at IFL Atlanta, he can’t help but tell me the truth.

“I’m a wreck, man. I’m nervous the whole time,” he says. “People say, ‘Oh, you look so calm,’ but I’m not. There’s no use in me lying about it.”

“I don’t lie to anyone. I’m the biggest mental midget out there. I started out in Freestyle wrestling and I was always like this, so I just developed a bunch of mental tools to get past it,” says the Quebec-native.

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