Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Collazo will undergo hand surgery!

Luis Collazo will undergo hand surgery on February 22nd at New York Downtown Hospital. Collazo tore three ligaments and fractured his thumb on his left hand in a decision loss to "Sugar" Shane Mosely. Collazo suffered the injury in the second round but courageously battled on to finish the fight. Dr. Nelson Botwinick will perfrom the surgery. Botwinick is the physician of choice for the pitchers of the New York Yankees. New York Hospital is located on 19 Beckman St. in Downtown Manhattan.

Head trainer Nirmal Lorick stated that after the surgery Collazo will be looking to fight four to five months. "In the meantime we will be doing light training," he commented. "He [Louie] will be bike riding and running. Hopefully the time off won’t affect us too much. You know being out for a long period of time. It was good atmosphere out there [Las Vegas, NV]. Fighting on Mosley’s home turf had nothing to do with it the outcome. Shane won the fight we are not complaining. But I feel if the injury hadn’t taken place it would have been a much different fight. In the second round you saw what Louie was going to do. Without the injury he would have won the fight."

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