Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Freddie Roach to get a lot more cash than Mayweather was offered by De La Hoya

Freddie Roach is set to make a career high pay day when he takes on the postition as Oscar De La Hoya's trainer for his upcoming May 5th battle againt Floyd Mayweather Jr. As a fighter, Roach earned a career high of $13,000 when he fought Bobby Chacon. As a trainer however, his biggest pay day will be well over $1 million dollars for training De La Hoya.

De La Hoya who offered Floyd Mayweather Sr., his long time trainer and the estranged father to his next opponent, $500,000 for training fees and an additional $500,000 should they win, was turned down. Floyd Mayweather Sr wanted $2 million dollars for the task and Oscar's offer of up to 1 million dollars (should they win) was not enough.

Freddie Roach will be making $300,000 more than what was offered to Floyd Mayweather Sr., and none of Roach's earnings will be subjected to the "if we win" clause. That sets Roach's earnings at $1.3 Million US dollars he will receive for training the "Golden Boy."

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