Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Peter rejects step-aside offer!

Handlers for WBC mandatory headyweight champion Samuel Peter have rejected a $2.5 million offer from the Vitali Klitschko camp for Peter to step aside and allow a Klitschko-Maskaev matchup to take place according to BILD. Maskaev's next opponent has been the topic of much confusion as both Peter and Klitschko have claims to the next challenge against WBC heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev.

Peter earned mandatory challenger status by winning two WBC eliminators, while former champion Klitschko was promised an immediate title shot by the WBC should he decide to make a comeback. Neither camp has been willing to budge an inch. Stay tuned.

According to the terms - which Peter and his camp have not yet agreed to - Peter would then likely get a minimum of another $3 million to fight the winner between Maskaev and Klitschko. Peter would get an "iron-clad" deal to fight the winner and the purse split would be 50-50. Should Peter attempt to fight Maskaev directly, however, he would likely only make in the $1 million - $1.5 million range and find himself on the short end of a 70-30 percent purse split. "He could live off the interest for the rest of his life (if he takes the deal)," Rappaport argued. "If they don't take it, it's insane!"

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