Monday, February 12, 2007

A Devastating 1-2 Punch: BIOGENETIX Partners with King of the Cage!

BIOGENETIX(TM), engineers of the new, scientifically advanced Total Body Transformation Kit that includes BIOBURN-D2T(TM), CREATINE-D2T(TM) and NO-D2T(TM), is pleased to announce they are joining forces with King of the Cage (KOTC).

Regarded by many as the most extreme and hardcore alliance in all of mixed martial arts, KOTC's partnership with BIOGENETIX makes perfect sense. "BIOGENETIX guarantees a physique enhancing solution through science," says Andrew Smith, Brand Manager for BIOGENETIX. "In fact, BIOGENETIX is all about science...harnessing its power and developing products to help mixed martial artists strike harder and last longer. Since KOTC is every bit as dedicated to its sport as we are to helping its athletes perform at the highest level, joining forces was a natural conclusion. We are thrilled to have the endorsement of world-class athletes such as Aaron Wetherspoon, the current KOTC welterweight champion."

"KOTC is truly an international entity," says Terry Trebilcock, owner of KOTC, referring to their presence in Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. "KOTC represents The Evolution of Combat," continues Trebilcock. "We take great pride in offering some of the most hardcore and intense mixed martial arts competitions in the world. BIOGENETIX is committed to providing the very best supplements to our amazing athletes, so when the opportunity of teaming up came about, I didn't hesitate."

Both KOTC and BIOGENETIX embody strength, speed and endurance. "It's all about hitting harder and lasting longer," says Nathan Hinks, Assistant Brand Manager for BIOGENETIX. "And the power of Deca-Delivery Technology (D2T(TM)), which every BIOGENETIX formula uses, is definitely a means by which to help KOTC fighters achieve just that."

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