Sunday, February 11, 2007

Final Punch Stats: Mosley vs Collazo

Shane Mosley brought the "Sugar" back in defeating Luis Collazo in a unanimous 12-round decision on Saturday night. Two judges on the HBO telecast has Mosley winning with a comfortable score of 118-109, while the third had it 119-108.

Collazo was knocked down in the 11th round as Mosley utilizing his skills and speed offered up too much for Collazo to deal with.

Mosley moved down in weight to 147 pounds from 154 pounds, in doing so it helped Mosley regain his speed that he is famous for.

The Final Punch Stats
Mosley: 200 of 601, 33%
Collazo: 87 of 639, 14%

Power Shots
Mosley: 173 of 378, 46%
Collazo: 67 of 350, 19%.

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