Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pitbulls Talk Shamrock, Prepare for Red Bears

By Ben Fowlkes

“The funny thing is, I used to like Frank Shamrock before this. I used to be a fan of his,” said Owings. “But now the guy just exposed himself for who he really is. He’s a jerk. I’ve got no problem saying it. It’s the truth.”

Nestled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, sandwiched between opulent boutiques and upscale hotels, a storm is brewing under the ground. As you descend the stairs you can feel the heat rising to meet you. It’s a damp, dungeon-like feel that sticks to your clothes.

In that dungeon of pain and sweat is where you’ll find the Renzo Gracie Academy, the city’s most famous mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu gym.

But in the middle of the afternoon there aren’t too many people cluttering up the mats. Instead it’s a select few going at each other with boxing gloves and shin pads. Within that few, however, is a group within a group.

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