Friday, February 23, 2007

Real Fight League Is Here

Participate in professionally produced events. Organized seating and giant screens at every fight so that there is not a bad seat in the house. These events create a superior show for the audience, giving you a better look as a fighter! Fighters may participate in MMA, Muay Thai and/or Shoot Boxing Fair rankings for all fighters. Rankings will be posted on website for public viewing.
Belts and titles for RFL’s top fighters.

All RFL Fighters’ will have a personal web page at Fans may correspond with you if you like. Promotersmay visit the RFL website to check your stats and contact you for fights. You may also visit other fighter’s pages to check on their ranking, win loss record, fighting style, trainer and more. Your fights will be available for everyone to view from your personal web page at Showcase your skills and talents in a real 20 ft octagon competition cage Financial management available for all fighters through theWathan Financial Team because we want professional RFL fighters to retire wealthy.

Promotion of your fighting image byREAL Productions LLC. If you qualify, REAL Productions LLC will work with you to promote and manage your fight career. With Real Productions LLC, you are not just a fighter you are family.

With this fight league the fighters come first, because you are the stars! We are here to give you more than just a fight.. we want to accelerate your career!


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