Monday, February 12, 2007

Tim Sylvia: UFC Fighter Profile

Days Numbered for Tim Sylvia?

Through diligent efforts by the UFC management, the UFC Heavyweight division is experiencing a mass influx of talented fighters unprecedented in years past. Tim “Mainiac” Sylvia stands at the pinnacle of the once waning division where he has comfortably created a home. Although Sylvia has experienced a shake from the top by the efforts of Arlovski, he successfully ended that chapter in July 2006 with the belt around his waist.

Since then, Sylvia has experienced relatively no competition in challenging his title and no prospects to vie for an interesting altercation. However, the beginning of 2007 has injected new life in the division, most notably with the successful debut of Mirko Filipovic and the return of legend Randy Couture to vie for Sylvia’s title. For Sylvia to remain on top, there are many facets of his game he needs to work on.

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