Thursday, March 1, 2007

MFC Unplugged III

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, the MFC is one of Canada's more reliable promotions, holding regularly scheduled professional events. Recently, in between their larger events, they've held smaller cards called "Unplugged."

It was revealed recently that MFC Unplugged 3 will happen April 20, and the main event will feature Halifax's Roger Hollett. Hollett must have impressed the MFC crowd with his 36-second KO of Mike Maurer at MFC 11 a few weeks ago. Look for him next at ECC 5, on March 31 in Halifax.

For Unplugged 3, the MFC is also bringing in the most recent addition of Pro Camp Sports Management, B.J. Penn student Scott Junk, who will fight for the first time outside of the Hawaiian Islands.

My only question is how they plan on fitting the 6-foot-1, 280-pound Junk through the doors to enter inside the smaller venue of the Crowne Plaza.

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