Monday, March 26, 2007

Mike "Quick" Swick Talks UFC 69

By Sean McClure

If you don't know who Mike Swick is then you have been living under a rock. Swick exploded on the scene shortly after his run on the Ultimate Fighter reality show back in 2005. Mike is now on a 5 fight win streak, but despite his requests for a title shot, one has not presented itself. Unphased and as determined as ever, Swick is looking forward to the challenges this year will present. First up on the list is Yushin Okami at UFC 69 on April 7th. Mike took time out of his training to talk with MaXfighting.

MaxFighting: Mike, what's it feel like to know that you are going to be fighting in your hometown?
Mike Swick: Great! Can't wait!

MaxFighting: Do you feel that this fight should have been against the champion in your mind? That maybe you should be fighting Anderson Silva instead because your UFC record would suggest a title shot?
Mike Swick: Nah, I am happy with this fight. Okami is a very tough fighter.

MaxFighting: When Lutter took Silva down several times, did you feel that this exposed a hole in the champ's game or showed how much confidence Anderson had in his ground game?
Mike Swick: I saw nothing that I didn't expect.

MaxFighting: Yushin Okami is very good on the ground. Do you feel that this will be a challenge for you? OR is your ground game comparable to his?
Mike Swick: I think my ground game will rival his.

MaxFighting: How do you feel that his striking stacks up against yours?
Mike Swick: I think I am faster and more aggressive.

MaxFighting: After winning this fight do you believe that you are going to be facing the champion in your next fight?
Mike Swick: Not sure. Not even thinking about it at the moment.

MaxFighting: How much would a fight with Rich Franklin appeal to you? If the UFC asked if you would take that while waiting for a title shot would you? Just a hypothetical question.
Mike Swick: Fine with me.

MaxFighting: What is a Swick-fu Ninja? My wife, Sarah says she is one and has the shirt. Is that like a Mayhem Monkey? Is this a conspiracy? What's the friggin' deal,man?!?!
Mike Swick: Haha! Its a conspiracy!

MaxFighting: Mike, do you ever think you could make 170 and fight as a welterweight? Some have asked me if I thought it was possible and I said, "knowing Mike.......yeah."
Mike Swick: Oh yea. I am walking at 187 right now.

MaxFighting: Mike, thanks a lot for this and good luck at UFC 69!
Mike Swick: Thanks and be sure to check out my brand new webpage at We completely revamped the whole site!


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