Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bianca Andrade beats US consulate

Trials champion manages to get her visa to go to ADCC 2007

The Brazilian athlete Bianca Andrade (Gracie Barra – AL), winner of the Brazilian trials for the ADCC, finally managed to obtain her entry visa to the USA. The American consulate went back on its previous decision and released the visa the athlete had been denied during her first interview with them.

The battle with the consulate had the decisive support of the Congressman Brizola Neto, who found out about what had happened through websites like GRACIEMAG.com, and asked his aid to contact the organizers of the ADCC (FLOAERJ) in Brazil and also the athlete.

After informing the consulate that its decision would cause irreparable harm to the state of Brazilian fighting sports, since Bianca was an internationally recognized athlete, Bianca returned to the consulate to receive the good news: she was granted her visa.


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