Tuesday, February 13, 2007


By: Mick Hammond

MMAWeekly: First off Mike, tell us what you’re up to and how you feel about your performance at EliteXC on Saturday.
Mike Pyle: On this fine morning I’m back in Tennessee, already shot me a couple squirrels and chopped me some wood for the day. [Laughs] I’m ready to start the week out fresh. The weekend went perfect, absolutely perfect. Everything went step-by-step from weigh-ins to raising my hands on a win…just perfect.

MMAWeekly: Do you feel you were able to execute the game plan you wanted, even with such a short fight?
Mike Pyle: I didn’t have a game plan; I was just ready to fight is all. As far as cutting weight and everything, I had a game plan and you can always stick to that, but in a fight you don’t usually have a game plan – I don’t, I just fight – and I go with the flow and whatever happens.

MMAWeekly: It’s got to feel good to start off the New Year with a new promotion in such an impressive way after your difficulties in the IFL last year.
Mike Pyle: Oh I feel great. I’m back in the 170’s and I’m loving it. That’s my weight, that’s where I should compete at, and I’m just excited, pumped up and ready for the next one.

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